Dr. Connelly offers customized treatment programs. By incorporating various therapeutic modalities, rehabilitative exercises, techniques, muscle therapy, and ergonomic/postural retraining, she and her staff can help alleviate back pain, neck pain, muscle aches, and nerve dysfunction. To read more about Dr. Connelly, click here.

Disc Problems

Did you know a disc doesn't actually slip? A disc can tear, bulge, herniate, prolapse (a piece of disc material breaks away,) or desiccate (the disc dries and breaks down,) due to trauma or injury to the spine, but does not actually slip. A healthy disc needs to stay moistened and flexible.

Chronic Neck Pain

With today's overuse of cell phones," text neck" is becoming an epidemic. Texting may be one reason for neck pain, but there are reasons beyond poor posture. Dr. Connelly can suggest stretches and exercises and offer other assistance in restoring your neck's normal curvature, and protecting your spine.

Lower Back Pain

One of the most common forms of pain, (affecting 8 out of 10 people at some point in their lives, and costing more than $100 billion dollars in lost wages and reduced productivity, according to this article. There's good news, though: Chiropractic care is safer alternative to surgery, and often times more effective.


Millions suffer from headaches. According to the International Headache Society, there are more than 129 kinds of headaches! The three most common types of are migraines, tension-type, and cervicogenic (originating from the neck.)

Other types of injuries

  • Lower back pain
  • Tight, stiff or weak muscles
  • Pain in the buttocks
  • Radiating pain down the legs (from pressure on nerve roots)
  • Arm/neck/chest or shoulder pain
If you are experiencing any of these, contact Dr. Connelly today.

How To Have a Healthy Back

Having a healthy back is all about regular exercise, (specifically of your abs and back), maintaining a proper standing/sitting posture, viewing texts at eye level, using an a good mattress/pillow while you sleep, and even the shoes you wear. Dr. Connelly and her staff can point out suggestions to keep your back healthy, strong and pain-free.